Anne Abernathy is truly world-class not only as an athlete, but a speaker. No one has shown more heart, focus, determination, perseverance or faith and that comes through in her presentations. Anne's Olympic record is one that will be very hard to break but more than that her story of perseverance and breaking barriers inspires everyone in the audience to go out be what they were created to be. She's real, one of us and led us to believe that we can break records too.

Dave Hood

"Anne Abernathy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She commands the audience with her inspiring story, her dynamism, her humor, and her charm, while managing always to stay right on message."

Kelly Lange
Television Newscaster & Mystery Author

Anne's communication skills are phenomenal she interacts with her audience in unique, clear and inspirational terms. Anne speaks exceptionally well on her feet she demonstrates composure, tact, skill, empathy, and humor; intuitively knowing which to apply at the appropriate time. Having heard many inspirational presentations by Anne Abernathy, I can tell you she possesses incredible flexibility, as she masterfully tailors her presentation to her audience, whether they are young children, teens, adults, or more advanced in years. Anne is as articulate in her speech as she is in her sincerity. Anne's facilitation skills are only surpassed by her passion, compassion and articulate speech. Anne is as creative as she is genuine. Anne establishes and maintains effective contact with her audience, and gains their trust and respect. Anne is very confident and convincing when speaking, but never comes across as proud or haughty.

John H. Rogers
Director of Operations
ATT Wireless Distribution Center

Ya know, folks who become symbols never realize they're a symbol until others tell them that.

You've touched lives and unknowingly influenced people you've never met. I hope by sharing your story with us, it's reached an audience who, like me, is proud to say they know you.

You're perspective is refreshing, and I hope it's something you can share with the younger set at these Games. I think your story will inspire others, if not for the Games, for a challenge in their own lives.

Kerry Sanders
NBC News & The Today Show

Thank you for being the Army's guest speaker at the Women's History Month celebration in the Pentagon I can not remember a time when I have heard such an inspiring and motivational presentation.

Simply put, your presentation on "Generations of Women Moving History Forward: Why Not?" captured all in attendance. On the one hand it was tremendously educational, while on the other it served to motivate us all to the ideals that make or Nation great.

Larry Stubblefield
Deputy to the Secretary of the Army

Anne has been a featured speaker at several of our large Red Hat Society gatherings over the past two years and will be serving in that capacity again at our annual convention in Las Vegas at the end of this month. Her talks are motivational and inspirational, as well as informative, and she can be depended upon to spice them with her own unique brand of humor. She serves as something of a "poster child" for our mission statement she is an example of the type of accomplishment that is still possible for women over 50.

Red Hatters just keep asking for her to come back again and again.

"Anne is a natural-born humorist. Her talks are very enjoyable and full of smile and laughter-inducing material. She has spirit enough for several people!"

Sue Ellen Cooper
Founder and Exalted Queen Mother
Red Hat Society

Anne entrances her audience and provides unique perspective and insight into the international world of sport. Grandma Luge entertains, inspires and informs, proving that some things just get better with age.

Candus Thomson, Sports Reporter
Baltimore Sun

Whenever we book Anne, she makes us look good! Her appearances invariably lead to additional engagements. A year later we are still getting comments from her talk at the ExecWomen's Forum. Not only is she genuine, inspirational, and original but she also has a humorous knack for taking Olympic experiences and relating them to real life success in the business world.

Jan Duplain, Founder
Duplain International Speakers Bureau

Anne Abernathy is one remarkable woman. Nothing stops her; nothing deters her; nothing really gets her down.

Grandma my foot! Anne Abernathy has the vitality of a twenty-year-old. She's constantly inspired, and constantly inspirational.

There hasn't been a time in two years that a "catch-up" conversation with Anne (from who knows where in the world) hasn't introduced me to a myriad of new and almost mind-boggling experiences. For heavens sake, hire this woman to speak to your group!

For heavens sake, hire this woman!

Mr. Charles G. Meyst
Chairman & CEO
Business Partnering International, Ltd.
Vantage Place, 4327 Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

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