Anne Abernathy is a "seasoned” and very "entertaining” speaker and professional spokesperson. She has been featured frequently in national and international media including appearances on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, CNN Headline News, Fox Sports, and many others. She has also served as an expert sports commentator on CBS and the BBC. She is also a Clio Award winning spokesperson and has appeared in various commercials for such organizations as IBM and Nike.

Anne carefully crafts each presentation to the unique audience to whom she is speaking. She skillfully adapts to a wide range of industries, audience size and specific needs. Whether your organization is seeking creative sales techniques, strategic inspiration, Olympic style motivation or just plain entertainment, Anne is not only an inspiration, she is a living testimony to the simple principles that:

  1. We are all capable of the extraordinary.
  2. We do not have to be defined by our age.

For more than twenty years, Anne competed on the grueling, five-month-per-year international luge training and race circuit, moving to a different country or city every week. Traveling to World Cups and Championships around the world, she has witnessed extraordinary historical events firsthand. Anne can captivate your audience with stories that include such world-shaping events as the war in Sarajevo and the reunion of East and West Germany, the break-up of the Soviet Union and the creation of the European Union.

Anne will also capture your group with the stories of overcoming the seemingly endless obstacles like a returning cancer diagnosis, life-threatening injuries, many surgeries, ground-breaking rehabilitation, and year after year after year of grueling training just to qualify to compete against athletes less than half her age.

And now this record-holding Olympian (the first woman to compete in 6 Winter Olympic Games) has decided 60 is too young to quit now . . . she's on her way to qualifying for the 2016 Rio Summer Games in the sport of archery!

Anne's inspirational and fascinating presentation topics include:

Everyone has heard the Nike slogan "Just Do It". Anne heard it when she was at an age when most athletes retire. When told she shouldn't try luge her response was, "Why Not?!" And thus, she started a new career in sports. Hear about her remarkable journey into the Olympic history books and learn how you too can set your own records. She'll illustrate how to prepare yourself mentally so that the next time someone says, "you can't," you'll automatically say to yourself, "Why Not?!"

The basic principles for success cross all boundaries whether in business, sport, or life. Becoming an Olympian in the sport of luge, Anne had to not only learn but apply both the written and unwritten rules for success. As an athlete, fund raiser, boss, team manager, sled technician and cancer survivor she had to do it all. "Point your toes," "never let go of your sled" and "know when to change your tune"¯ are just a few of the lessons that will open up new ways of thinking and enable your audience members to attain their own Olympic caliber success.

A dream is not enough. One must set goals and work to achieve them. However, sometimes a hidden opportunity presents itself out of the blue. The important thing is to be able to identify it and set yourself apart by not taking a step back. You don't have to rush into things, but accept the challenges that will and do present themselves. See how Anne turned one such surprise opportunity into a dream; that dream into a goal and eventually, achieving the goal and becoming the world's most unlikely first, six-time female Winter Olympian.

Most people who qualify for the Olympics achieve this extraordinary feat only once in their lives. Anne Abernathy has achieved this six times in a physically demanding sport and most recently as a woman in her 50s. In this presentation, Anne shares the remarkable events that inspired her to consider making a run for her seventh Olympic games and doing it in a completely different sport, this time in the Summer Games and this time, in her 60s!

Talk to anyone who has competed in the Olympic Games and they will have captivating stories. Imagine the stories Anne Abernathy has to share after competing in six Olympic Games covering nearly three decades! Anne's not afraid to share the highly entertaining "insiders" view of the world's most epic sporting event.

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