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Why the iguana? Well - the iguana is native to the Virgin Islands. A baby iguana is only one color - bright green, but the older the iguana the more colorful it becomes. The green fades and other colors emerge. The oldest iguanas can have a broad spectrum of beautiful shapes of yellow, blues, coral, and greens.

The first Grandma Luge logo featured an iguana on a sled sporting a yellow dress. The design was used leading up to the 1998 Nagano Olympics. The Virgin Islands Bobsled Team joined in the fun by having their two Olympic Bobsleds painted to look like iguanas.

After the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, a hat was added to the Grandma Luge image and the yellow dress became lavender for the "Grand Fan" Club.

When I turned 50, the red hat and purple dress emerged.

Now the colors remain the same, but the "Grandma Luge" iguana has taken up the sport of archery.

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Photo courtesy of Dean Villanueva.

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